Stress & Burn-out coaching

“Nothing in the world can cause more worry than your own thoughts”

Do you cope with stress symptoms, do you feel mentally and physically exhausted? Do you suer from endless worrying, sleeplessness or palpitations? In the stress & burnout coaching program I will help you not only to physically recover, but also to reconnect with your mind and body.

Stress is a normal reaction of our body to a threatening situation and helps us to react alertly. It allows us to perform better, for instance during an important meeting or business presentation. However, if the stress becomes chronic, and persists even without an actual threat, it can have negative eects on our health and cause burnout, depression or heart disease.

A burnout is the result of a long period of stress that causes physical and mental exhaustion. Because a burnout won’t go away by itself and doing nothing does not help, it is important to take action. Even if you think a burnout will not happen to you, it is important to take your symptoms seriously and get help in time – the sooner, the better, is the device here!

In the stress & burnout program I will help you to recognize dierent levels of stress and nd out what is causing the mental and physical exhaustion. An integral approach is necessary to fully recover and to prevent another burnout. During the intake, we will identify your dierent stress triggers on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level. Because the causes will be dierent for everyone, we will adapt the coaching program to your needs.

The program

The coaching program is meant for adults (18+) who are seeking change and want to be able to enjoy life more. The general program takes three months with a two hourly-session every other week. In addition, there will be unlimited access to contact by telephone or email during this period. In case of prolonged stress or burnout, a more extensive program might be necessary. We will decide on that together. Besides the coaching sessions, you will need to be willing to do daily exercises that help you cope with stress and worry.

The program exists of the following parts:
● Orientation
● Analysis of stress sources and triggers
● Recovery of energy and physical condition
● Dealing with stress and emotions
● Strengthening competencies
● Match with social environment and work
● Relapse prevention, reintegration en follow-up

During the free intake we will nd out if I can help you and what the program will look like for you. The costs of the sessions are 90 euros per hour. The costs for the sessions are usually not reimbursed by your health insurance. However, your employer may reimburse the costs for you.

Any questions?

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About me

My name is Priscila da Silva van der Maas and I am a certied coach, specialized in burnout and integration. After living in Brazil and Argentina for a couple of years, I have returned back to the Netherlands where I do what I love most: helping others.

I followed one of Priscila’s coaching programs. Priscila is friendly, she listens well and gives good advice. I would recommend Querencia coaching if you are looking for a coach for burnout or life adaptation!

- J. Sloot

Priscilla is a great professional, she listens carefully and thoughtfully, and helps you to improve your potential and focus on the future.
- R. Mendez

My experience with Priscila is that she is a very good listener and asks the right questions. If you feel like you’re reasoning in circles, she knows how to get you out of it. She is very respectful and not pushy.

- C. Chaparro