“You don’t have to lose yourself in order to integrate into a new culture”

Are you new in the Netherlands or have you lived here for years, but feel ‘stuck’ in Dutch society? In this program I will help you nd your way here, without losing yourself.

How to t in and adapt in a dierent country, whilst staying through to yourself? This is a struggle for many people, who (sometimes after many years) still feel like an outsider. They nd themselves to be ‘stuck’ between the Dutch culture and the culture in their country of origin.

Usually, this is reinforced by limiting thoughts, behaviors and/or beliefs, which lead to stress, loneliness and in many cases also to isolation, in both their personal and professional lives.

In the ingratiation program we will examine the impact of a lack of exibility and adaptability on your life. In a clear, rational way, we will analyze which steps are needed to reach your goal. I will help you to nd your place here and to participate in society, without losing yourself.

The program

The coaching program is meant for adults (18+), who struggle with adapting to a new situation. The program takes three months with two-hour sessions every other week. In addition, an unlimited amount of contact by telephone or e-mail is included during this period.

During the free intake, we will see if I can help you and what the process can look like for you. The program is available in dierent languages.

The costs for the sessions are 90 euros per hour. The costs for the sessions are usually not reimbursed by your health insurance. However, your employer may reimburse the costs for you.

Any questions?

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About me

My name is Priscila da Silva van der Maas and I am a certied coach, specialized in burnout and integration. After living in Brazil and Argentina for a couple of years, I have returned back to the Netherlands where I do what I love most: helping others.

I followed one of Priscila’s coaching programs. Priscila is friendly, she listens well and gives good advice. I would recommend Querencia coaching if you are looking for a coach for burnout or life adaptation!

- J. Sloot

Priscilla is a great professional, she listens carefully and thoughtfully, and helps you to improve your potential and focus on the future.
- R. Mendez

My experience with Priscila is that she is a very good listener and asks the right questions. If you feel like you’re reasoning in circles, she knows how to get you out of it. She is very respectful and not pushy.

- C. Chaparro